In the current market, property vacancy is at all time low and the cost of renting is at a high. For this reason, another option to consider is building a portfolio of ‘Buy to Rent’ properties. This is an area we specialise in and can help you decide if this could be an option for you.

For the Home Owners/Investors

We provide you with an opportunity to rent your condo without having to worry about daily operations. Let us do the hard workincluding marketing, tenant screening, preparation andnegotiation of lease agreements, regular maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Tenant Search Services

One of the most important parts of finding a good tenant is screening. Every year, we help many Toronto landlords find great tenants. Our tenant search services include pricing, professional photography, advertising, screening tenants and negotiating leases.

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    Ongoing Property Management Services

    Our ongoing property management services include:

    • Money management including collecting rent, paying property expenses and producing regular financial statements;
    • Monitoring tenants’ obligations under the lease;
    • Serve as a first point of contact for the tenant;
    • Ongoing inspections of the property to ensure your suite is properly maintained;
    • Coordinating regular maintenance and unexpected repairs as needed.

    Short Term Rentals Management

    We offer short term rentals management for fully furnished and centrally located high end properties.

    Our services include interior furnishings and design, ongoing marketing, tenants screening and background checks. With our highly effective marketing systems, networks of satisfied existing clientele and excellent relationships with various relocation agencies already in place, your properties will enjoy high occupancy rates with high quality tenants.

    We provide a piece of mind for distant and local owners by completely looking after your property. Contact us if you own a condominium property in Toronto and would like to use it to earn income.

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